Monday, January 11, 2010

Pediatric Clinical Placement

You want karate? Sorry. I don't have any. But I DID get my clinical placement for my pediatric rotation this morning: World's Greatest Children's Hospital! ~insert squeels of glee~ it's the best Children's Hospital in the country, POSSIBLY the world, and I GET TO LEARN THERE!! WHEEE!!!

I'll be on 5E (i think) which is hematology/general peds. I'm not sure how i'll like it, being more of a critical-care girl, and I REALLY don't know how i'll like dealing with parents- most of my experience in that line has been "oh your child is sick? we'll take him/her/it to the hospital. You can ride in front."

Here, the parents are PART OF THE CARE PLAN or some such. I have visions of parents going "you missed a spot cleaning behind little Johnny's ear" or "are you sure you're feeding him right? have you ever done this before? where's his REAL nurse?"

My plan is to smile brightly, and inform them that they're WELCOME to wait for the "real nurse" to get to them. When said nurse has a minute. Which might take a while.


msx said...

Wow your placement sounds really interesting! I just started nursing so I don't even start clinicals until next semester. And even then peds is near the end so I have a while. I want to specialize in pediatrics. But I know what you mean I volunteer at a children's hospital. It's like you have to worry more about the parent's reaction than the child.

little d, S.N. said...

Of course! The kids tend to be ok, the parents scare the pants off me. :-D