Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot Enough For Ya?

Yes, even here in the (often) Frozen Northlands, the Heatwave From Hell has taken its toll: I personally don't function particularly well over 85 degrees, nor can I sleep if it's over 80 in my bedroom. BTW, the roommates and I have no AC in our otherwise charming house- the vast majority of the time YOU DON'T NEED IT: for the 5 or so days it's really stinking hot up here, we gently perspire and drink iced tea. The rest of the time we open windows, and deal.

Just to make this more fun, I have caught a summer cold from The Man-Friend. In his defense, he DID warn me he was sick, but being a compassionate human, and trying to be nice, I took care of him, bringing him iced tea, and backrubs, and pretzels, and movies. Naturally, I caught it. On the bright side, he is Very Brave (probably helps that he knows damn well he won't catch it from me :-p ) and is being quite nice about me being all sniffly and gross.

Probably will have to wear a mask at work tomorrow...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cannon Fodder

Yesterday, as I was getting a tour of my new floor, my two partners and I were referred to as "cannon-fodder", as well as "fresh meat". My preceptor is on vacation, so today, my very first day on the floor, I was precepted by a nurse who is leaving the floor for another unit in two weeks.

I felt like cannon fodder. I was supposed to be "observing" today, just watching to see how the floor worked. But our patient care tech was "tired" and taking personal calls, and our call bells kept going off, so...patient care it was! It was quite a steep curve- i haven't done med-surg in a year and a half. 3 out of 4 patients had colostomies. the 4th had a chest tube. OMG. Plus, now that I'm an RN, i can do IV push. First time. Today. As far as I know, everyone lived :-p

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Woah...we can DO that?!

Today we were walked through "competencies"- aka, with another nurse watching me the first time, I'll be able to do IV push meds, and...give blood. This is new. Never been able to do it before. SUPER intimidating.

But know what I wont be able to do? IVs. There's an IV team. While I totally understand that, in the interests of having experts do it, and reducing infections and such, I really REALLY wanted to be able to start my own IVs. After a year on my floor though, i can transfer to ER/ED or critical care. THERE you can do IVs. In the meantime, I'll have to ask nicely to practice on my friends.

Man-friend (yes, i have one now) is sick. Sniffling, coughing, not-running-a-fever sick. I am treating him with tea, backrubs, and only occasional sarcasm. If i catch it from him, I'll still have to go to work, but i'll be seriously guilt tripping him :-p

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Times they are A'Changin

Since I last posted, I have gotten not one but TWO jobs- first as a part time school nurse, and now as a Nurse Resident at the North's Best Hospital. I am SO proud. I'll be on a med-surg floor, but it seems pretty high-acuity, and like a great place to learn.

My fellow interns are AMAZING- over half have a non-nursing degree, just like me, and the skill sets are kind of alarmingly high. We have an electrical engineer, a fly-fishing guide, several former financial gurus, etc. The hospital has been nothing but welcoming. In fact, this hospital has kind of a reputation for being super nice to everyone. Doctors smile and hug nurses in the halls, transporters will high-five you, it's a great climate to learn in.

But it's not, naturally, all hearts and roses, and kittens: what with the budgetary crisis all over the Frozen Northlands, it looks like we're going to have a serious budget issue- our jobs are, for the moment, safe (we're cheap, we nurse interns) but...who the heck knows about the future!

I have yet to treat a patient- the first week is all orientation classes, and sim labs, but tomorrow i'm actually shadowing my preceptor on my unit. My two fellow interns on our floor are The Fisher, and M. They're nice, smart, funny, and are going to be a pleasure to work with.

One problem: I haven't had a med/surg patient in...something like a year and a half. Steep learning curves? I has them.