Thursday, September 30, 2010

Alpine, BSN, RN

Took my boards yesterday. Checked, out of pure curiosity, on the state board website for my name. Found it. I passed. 40 minutes to take the NCLEX, minimum number of questions. HUGE SENSE OF RELIEF!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Apparently my mom has a contact who works as a bigshot for a big conglomerate of hospitals in Houston. I'm thinking about it, even though the air is supposed to be TERRIBLE there, and it's really hot. At least maybe i could be EMPLOYED.

The Job Search Continues

Ok. Two years ago they told us that when we graduated we would be able to work in a field that fascinated us. They told us that the days of "you must work in XYZ and be grateful for it" were over. Well...THEY'RE BACK. I've been told by THREE human resources people TODAY (Beth Israel Deaconess, Concord Hospital, Mass General) that "you should get experience wherever you can with this job market. How about working in a nursing home?"

This is a terrible idea on the industry's part. A LOT of us got into nursing because we thought, even though we HATED certain clinicals, it didnt matter because we wouldn't WORK in those specialties. I, for example get insanely bored in areas that don't move quickly. If i worked in a nursing home I'd probably go crazy within a week.

I wonder how everyone is going to feel in a year when many new nurses never work in nursing because they couldn't get jobs...then they'll be shrieking about a shortage all over again.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry About Not Posting

The fact is, I've done virtually NOTHING nursing related in the last month and a half. I JUST got my Authorization To Test today (yay!!!) the problem: my test date is next wednesday...ON MY BIRTHDAY. Curses. On the other hand, afterwords I'll have a *REALLY* good excuse to party. Assuming I, you know, PASS IT.

Still job hunting. The market isn't great, and nobody's even called me back yet. Yes, this is apparently what I went to school and worked my butt off for TWO AND A HALF YEARS FOR- to be unemployed. If anyone knows any hospitals in the northeast or northwest hiring? DO let me know.