Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Month From Hell

More accurately, the week from hell. First, for most of this month my blog keeps trying to send me to another website when i try to view it, and i'm HOPING that it has been fixed so i can start posting again.

Just THIS week, i have been through the following: During my Leadership Clinical in the ER i had to pick up a miscarried placenta from the FLOOR (it done fell out) while comforting the poor woman it fell out of, find a jar with formaldehyde to put it in, then got yelled at by the woman's nurse who WENT MISSING FOR AN HOUR while this was going on, but was upset that the charge nurse had had ME take care of it, since it was "her patient". Sorry, wasn't going to leave the placenta on the bathroom floor. Seemed unsanitary.

Then, THREE WEEKS after my observation day in the NICU, a nurse said i told her i did something REDICULOUSLY stupid, which i didn't do. Like, never get my nursing license and possibly get sued stupid. And i didn't do it. So yeah...i'm still panicked that i'll get thrown under the bus for this, even though it was just a miscommunication where the nurse thought i said i did it, and i was ASKING if one would do it, and i hope my instructor irons this all out. Of course, at THIS point, i dont REMEMBER what exactly i said, because IT WAS THREE WEEKS AGO.

THEN, now that i'm completely emotionally a DISASTER AREA, i decided to get my hair trimmed, so i could pamper myself a bit, and feel better. Besides, my hair hasn't been cut in 4 months.

She ruined it. It was a simple, slightly layered shoulder-blade-length cut, and now she cut MOST of the hair short, but left a FEW long pieces...basically the OPPOSITE of what i asked for. My hair has a SHELF. I'm now in tears AGAIN, and have to wait to drive home to my parents to have my MOM'S lady try to fix it, which will probably involve trying to make it look like Ginnifer Goodwin's in "He's Just Not That Into You", because it's too short to do anything else.

I think i need a hug...and for this to be fixed. I'm afraid they wont let me be a nurse...AND i have bad hair!


Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it kiddo. Everything will work itself out with school and your hair will grow back. Im sure your instructors know what kind of person and what kind of student you are. So take a deep breath relax and don't worry so much.


P.S. good to see ya back

undergrad RN said...

dude. that's, like, the trifecta of a bad week. like willy wonka said, it will all come out in the wash <3

little d, S.N. said...

if my hair comes out in the wash, Undergrad RN, i'm blaming YOU! :-p

The Future Missy Prissy RN said...

Awww keep your head up kiddo!!! My how easy that comes out when it isn't you going through it... lol!!!! It'll all get better.. Besides you are almost done! I am just beginning!!!! Love your blog, it is hilarious! If you have some time please follow me as well.. Keep up the great blogging!!!