Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Which I Have Seething Rage

Dear VeryCatholic University,

I understand that our health promotion and home health class begins June 2nd, and that we have VACATION until then. Therefore, to email me TODAY and tell me i need to research and write six pamphlets before MAY 24th to then EDIT AND FINISH THEM before June 2nd, and PRINT 50 COPIES OF EACH AT MY OWN EXPENSE all on my vacation

is not ok.

No, in fact it is WORSE than not ok, it is unethical. The university isn't actually OPEN, and we need to have our site approved, which might take another day or two. This means we actually have more like a week and a half to do OUR ONLY PROJECT for a semester that DOESNT START YET and for which I will not be GRADED until August 2nd.

Furthermore, I have WORK lined up for the next few weeks, AND i'm TRYING to...um...GET A JOB! Plus, my financial aid still hasn't come through. Again.

So yeah, VeryCatholic University. Just TRY calling me again for a "class gift". I think I'll just go cry now.

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