Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In Which it is the Small Things That Count

Just worked two 12.5s, back to back, with the last shift ending half an hour late because our relief nurse was late. Had a fascinating patient who kept desatting every 10 the point where i was literally hovering over her bed going "BREATHE...DEEPLY...NOW" and watching her sats drop lower, lower, lower. I bit my thumb and watched.

While I blush and stammer while trying to program a Patrol or Sigma pump, I KNOW how to treat a desatting patient. You give them oxygen. You give them O2, page their intern, and pray they stabilize. The thing is, the patient already has 2 PEs. We just don't know where the big problem lies- we scanned her legs, no clot...scanned her head, no clot. This means that the problem may lie in her pelvis. Her radio-opaque pelvis. That's like...deadly emboli waiting to happen.

And so I hovered...for HOURS. And then shift changed, and I went home.

And I just got a text saying "got stuck helping with a coworker's thesis...can I come over late and snuggle?"

Yes. Because snuggling is never EVER too late.

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