Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yesterday I spent most of the day at Collegiate EMS (CEMS), the school EMT service. I'm on duty all tonight as well. It's a little funny when I'm onshift, as my EMT cert. expired last year in March, so I'm just an Observer until my EVOC class comes around soon...on the other hand, I've seen probably a greater VARIETY of calls than most of the other CEMS techs, as a great number of CEMS calls are (you guessed it) drunk college kids. 20 or more percent are called with the drunkenness being the proximate cause of the call (help help, my roommate wont wake up, help help, my roommate is puking, etc) and another 10-20 because they were drunk and did something like fall down a flight of stairs, slip on ice, punch somebody else, etc.

If I had ONE piece of advice to offer all the college kids on this campus, it would be this: STOP drinking LONG BEFORE YOU FEEL SICK. You can still get tipsy if you want, but for the love of all that is holy, being sick is NOT attractive, a good idea, or something you will be proud of in a few years.

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