Friday, March 27, 2009

O No! Meme Attack!!!

Meme: What does your stethoscope look like?

I've been tagged by undergrad RN!

Here are the rules:

1) Post a picture of your stethoscope

2) Tell what you love about it

3) Tell what you hate about it

4) Tell me what your dream stethoscope would be

5) Does it have a name?

6) Tag all your nursing friends (Including the one that tagged you) and dont forget to leave a comment on their blog telling them that you tagged them!

1. It looks like THIS (see above), only in what they claim is Caribbean blue, but actually looks more like hunter green.

2. I love that it's considerably better than my old EMT scope, in that you can actually HEAR THINGS that are subtle with it. I have really good hearing anyway, so I dont know what I'd DO with a fancier scope. Maybe I'll upgrade someday, but my basic Littman is good enough for now.

3. I hate that it occasionally shifts around my neck, which is actually a function of having a stupid chest pocket on my uniform that gets in the way. Also, the rubber occasionally catches my hair. Other than that, not a problem.

4. My dream stethoscope? Didn't know I had one, but one that would magically home in on abnormal sounds :-p

5. name, except "my scope" which doesn't sound terribly original.

6. Ok...I'm only going to tag back undergrad RN, and wardbunny, because I dont want to bug people. :-p

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