Friday, June 5, 2009

This Summer's First Call: Hilarity Ensues

So last saturday I passed my practical! YAY ME! (only, i HAVE done all this before, so it was mostly nerves threatening to throw me off) Which means I got my pager and radio re-issued from the FAST squad (that's Volunteer EMT squad to all of you NOT in the Frozen Northlands). AAAAnd we got my first call of the summer 20 minutes later. While I was putting groceries away, naturally. I performed my USUAL "run to the car in a bra, pull on squad shirt en route" maneuver, which works as there are no neighbors, get to the ambulance, they pull away AS i'm closing the doors, (thanks Mike, I missed taking my life in my hands with your driving) and get to the call- "Male, LOC change, laceration to forehead" which turns out to be EPIC.

This young dood, 28 or so, was mowing his mom's lawn. He's not the brightest bulb in the kitchen, and he's holding the hood of the ride-on mower in place with bungee cords. Not in itself dangerous. Except he decides to CHECK them. While leaning nice and close. One particularly vindictive bungee jumped off, smacked him square between the eyes, and KNOCKED HIM OUT. He woke up, and called 911, because he didnt know how long he'd been out. Yes, his mother was standing right there, yes he IS a volunteer firefighter, but hey. Gotta get that nasty bungee-shaped welt checked.

And, in the process, let the ENTIRE FIRE DEPARTMENT KNOW YOU GOT KNOCKED OUT BY A BUNGEE CORD. Because let's face it- HIPPA doesn't mean ANYTHING in a town where everyone knows which addresses go with which people. We get toned out and EVERYONE in the entire REGION knows who's in trouble.

God i love being up here.

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