Friday, May 29, 2009

Unemployment Sucks

It really does. Still job-searching, but the Local Big Spiffy Medical Center is actually HIRING, so i applied for ALL their patient care positions. I'm overqualified, having a BA, but that's ok. I'll do pretty much anything.

In MEDICAL news, I've been down at the EMT squad a lot this week, preparing to test tomorrow and get my license back. (Let it expire while taking nursing prereqs- oops!) I LOVE living in a small town- excellent gossip. Last week was apparently an absolute nightmare. TONS of calls. And I learned that we have a New Local Batshit Crazy Dirtbag. LBCD is living in a falling apart-at-the-seams trailer which cannot be condemned, because of the state Live Freeze and Die attitude, which precludes condemnation for health reasons without a REDICULOUSLY long process. On the bright side, people dont lose their homes. On the downside, this "domicile" is being inhabited by 2 people (LCBD and wife) 2 dogs, a goat, and some chickens. None of whom apparently know how to use sanitary measures for their bathroom habits. So there's excrement EVERYWHERE, no electricity inside, and the whole structure is percariously perched on a hillside.

The net result of this is that EMS is PROHIBITED from entering, no matter HOW crazy he is when they call us. We stage down the hill, and FIRE has to go in IN FULL HAZMAT GEAR with breathing masks to get him out. Which they wont do, for fear that the hovel will tip over, and kill them. So we have to wait until he comes out. Ew. And the police are worried, because he's CRAYZEE. As in, we're currently trying to get him shipped off to the state hospital. The problem is, his wife (just as crazyee) keeps bailing him out and taking him home.

Good to be home.

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