Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's not QUITE the backwoods, but dear god it's close

I'm home for break, I'm working on the ambulance squad, just as usual. The call we got most recently was complicated by a few things:
1. the temperature- it was about 10 degrees out.
2. the fact that we werent precisely sure where the hell the address WAS, as it was a made-up road, named only because 911 needed a road name.
3. the 'house' was actually a WAY sub-code former barn with holes in the floor
4. the patient couldn't stand up or walk, nor could he lie down, due to emphysema.

The patient was having an emphysema problem...but also probable H1N1. So he couldn't lie down, or face not breathing. On the other hand, since he had taken about 15 ampules of albuterol over the day to try to fix his breathing...he couldn't walk. So it took 4 firemen, plus our 4 person crew to get him out to the truck.

Just another nice "warm" day in the far far north.



maxwelton's braes are bonny said...

15 ampules!! Holly smokes!LOL! Wow! Are you serious,15!?! Give the man credit for trying! 15! Poor guy. I think that all of you were his christmas angels. Bless you.

little d, S.N. said...

My response was something like "holy crap! let me take your pulse!!!"