Friday, December 4, 2009


Last night i worked the 18 hour overnight on the campus EMT squad again. We only had two calls, but they managed to keep us awake for most of the night. First call came in at 2 AM. We had tucked ourselves in around midnight, having remained up until then because we were anticipating a frat formal getting out around that time, and being dragged out of a bed you've JUST climbed into is awful.

Contestant Number 1 was a drunk young man, who consumed the traditional "two beers", prior to apparently CRAWLING up the stairs to his dorm. He wasn't THAT drunk, so I got a refusal from the doc at the LocalHospital, which allowed us to let him go off to bed...and probly get cited for drinking.

We got back to the squad room, only to find what one crewmate described as "a caterpillar as big as a mouse"- the woolly kind. This elicited everyone standing on chairs until somebody picked it up and put it outside. The giggling kept us all awake for about half an hour.

Contestant Number 2 was also drunk, and the call came in at about 315. THIS winner had somehow fallen and smacked his head on a curb, and got a quite impressive 10cm lac to his occipital region. We found him in his room, with his roommate holding a teeshirt to his head to stop the bleeding. My instincts said he was probly fine (aside from the lac- i swear i saw bone in there), but on exam I found horizontal nystagmus...and a three hour time lapse in his memory.

For these findings, plus the fact that the fall was unwitnessed, he won a middle-of-the-night trip to Downtown Philadelphia to a Trauma Center!! This would have been fine, except that on the way back, at 415 in the morning, we got lost. And I didn't get to sleep until 5 am, then got BACK up at 10 to do my reports.

I feel like i've been beaten with noodles.

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