Sunday, June 6, 2010

Intro to Summer

When you're a cold-weather person like me, hot weather is The Devil- until this year I have rarely slept in weather where it stays above 70 at night. This just...doesn't...HAPPEN at home very often- even when we lived in the Big Scary Desert for a year the temperature would PLUMMET at night to a nice comfy 55 or so.

With the weather this hot, it's time to make sure everyone remembers that Summer Is TRAUMA season!!! Everyone is outside, even if just out on their porches, and the more people out and about, hot and cranky, the more assaults there are, on top of all the usual barbecue accidents, near-drownings in pools, dehydration/heat exhaustion/heat STROKE incidents, and just plain stupid decisions.

One of the big ones in this weather to remember is: If you know any elderly people, CHECK ON THEM FREQUENTLY. They may not sense temperature appropriately, and may forget to keep themselves hydrated and properly electrolyted...(is that a word? I'm going to say it is.) which, given that older people are frequently on electrolyte-sensitive heart medications, is a PROBLEM. Therefore, CHECK ON YOUR ELDERLY RELATIVES AND NEIGHBORS!!!

Also, make sure to REAPPLY your sunblock. My parents both have horror stories from the early '60s, when it was considered "not vacation yet" until they had sunburn-induced fevers. Let's just NOT repeat their mistakes, m'kay?

First day of home health tomorrow- orientation at the place (Way Catholic Home Care)

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