Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dear GOD The HEAT!!!

Oh my lordie, it's STILL hot. Briefly today, I entertained high hopes of there being a real break in the weather, down to something normal, as it was pouring BUCKETS of rain. While this was a significant improvement in the fire weather warning, it's not been especially successful otherwise. The green is nice though, a big step up from the brown.

I was in NYC for two days, doing an interview with the Feds (USPHS) which was awesome and fun, and something I'm keeping in mind.

It's SO TOTALLY trauma weather- people go a little nuts in this the cicadas are now out, and i've heard stories about the sound of cicadas driving people over the edge.

Looking forward to getting REALLY into job searching- i'm actually getting excited about this, unexpectedly!


NB said...

I feel bad for everyone in the Mid-Atlantic and New England areas who have been slammed with summer heat lately - I just moved from FL to NC, so while the temps are the same the humidity here is lower and I'm loving it. But a lot of those areas are just sooo unequipped for temperatures like that... I'd be the most miserable person in the world without good southern-strength A/C!

nurse XY said...

Best of luck in your job hunt!!

Daniel said...
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