Saturday, July 31, 2010

One More Day

I feel like singing that song from "Les Miz"...but can't until tomorrow. I have taken my last exam, I have given my last presentation (rocked them both), and all I have left is my Last Day of Clinical, complete with my Last Performance Eval of School. I HATE evals. The profs always make it as scarily awkward as possible so that you always feel like you've failed until the last minute, and the feedback they give they try to deliver BEFORE letting you see your grade. Therefore, the "constructive criticism" aspect overshadows the "but you did great" part, so you're hearing them list and detail your failures for MINUTES before they say "oh and you got an A". It's like- couldn't you have LEAD with that???!! "You did great! You got an A! However, here are some things to work on as you move forward in nursing..." would be a lot less nausea-inducing.

Sometimes I think they just like to watch us squirm. :-p

I'm really ready to be done- picking up my CPR instructor card this week, getting ready for the move, looking for jobs.

Next stop: the mountains. But I really want to be working someplace I love before Christmas, if at all possible, ideally in an Emergency department. :-D

One more dawn, one more day, ONE DAY MOOOOOOOOORE!

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