Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sorry About Not Posting

The fact is, I've done virtually NOTHING nursing related in the last month and a half. I JUST got my Authorization To Test today (yay!!!) the problem: my test date is next wednesday...ON MY BIRTHDAY. Curses. On the other hand, afterwords I'll have a *REALLY* good excuse to party. Assuming I, you know, PASS IT.

Still job hunting. The market isn't great, and nobody's even called me back yet. Yes, this is apparently what I went to school and worked my butt off for TWO AND A HALF YEARS FOR- to be unemployed. If anyone knows any hospitals in the northeast or northwest hiring? DO let me know.


nurse XY said...

You could come to TX...

Crazed Nitwit said...

New grads are having a difficult time all over. SUCKS!!!! I have no doubt you'll pass the NCLEX but you won't think you passed until you see the verification.

Wait for the headrush when you get a job. SCARY!!!!!