Friday, October 22, 2010


I've been training, this past week, for "low angle rescue". While this might seem like an exceedingly easy task (especially if the low angle in question is 'flat'), what it really means is training for rescues on slopes that are a LITTLE too steep to want to walk down them with a rescue litter, but NOT steep enough that everyone is hanging off the ends of ropes. Essentially, it's any situation where, should something go drastically wrong, the people on the ropes would SLIDE, but not CRUNCH. It's fun, and I get to tie knots and use pulleys. Also, here in the Frozen Northland, the mountains have snow. And it's staying cold enough for the snow to STAY. I like this. There were even flurries this morning at home.

I have an interview in NYC for the USPHS on November 2nd. Right now I'm getting my recommendations/references in order from professors.

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Haley said...

I'm starting an ABSN program in January and hope to join the USPHS when I'm through, so I would love to hear all about the selection process.