Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hot Enough For Ya?

Yes, even here in the (often) Frozen Northlands, the Heatwave From Hell has taken its toll: I personally don't function particularly well over 85 degrees, nor can I sleep if it's over 80 in my bedroom. BTW, the roommates and I have no AC in our otherwise charming house- the vast majority of the time YOU DON'T NEED IT: for the 5 or so days it's really stinking hot up here, we gently perspire and drink iced tea. The rest of the time we open windows, and deal.

Just to make this more fun, I have caught a summer cold from The Man-Friend. In his defense, he DID warn me he was sick, but being a compassionate human, and trying to be nice, I took care of him, bringing him iced tea, and backrubs, and pretzels, and movies. Naturally, I caught it. On the bright side, he is Very Brave (probably helps that he knows damn well he won't catch it from me :-p ) and is being quite nice about me being all sniffly and gross.

Probably will have to wear a mask at work tomorrow...

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