Friday, July 22, 2011

Cannon Fodder

Yesterday, as I was getting a tour of my new floor, my two partners and I were referred to as "cannon-fodder", as well as "fresh meat". My preceptor is on vacation, so today, my very first day on the floor, I was precepted by a nurse who is leaving the floor for another unit in two weeks.

I felt like cannon fodder. I was supposed to be "observing" today, just watching to see how the floor worked. But our patient care tech was "tired" and taking personal calls, and our call bells kept going off, so...patient care it was! It was quite a steep curve- i haven't done med-surg in a year and a half. 3 out of 4 patients had colostomies. the 4th had a chest tube. OMG. Plus, now that I'm an RN, i can do IV push. First time. Today. As far as I know, everyone lived :-p

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