Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Last Day of Clinical (for the semester)

Woah. That went fast. In only four clinical days, I went from complete disorganization and panic to performing (admittedly VERY basic) care so fast I had NOTHING TO DO. I wound up running errands for the nurses and stocking bedlinens, because my patient didnt need or want anything. That's what you get with stable patients!!!
Sadly-ish, one of my fellow students lost her patient this morning, just before we got there. It is sad, because nobody was there, and my classmate was very upset, this being the first dead person she had ever seen. NOT sad, because this woman had a NASTY stage IV sacral pressure ulcer, no healing ability, in pain, terribly terribly fragile, not especially consious, you get the picture. She went very peacefully, in her sleep. I helped the funeral home move her body to their stretcher, because they needed help, and the two techs were REFUSING to assist, as they didnt want to "touch a dead lady". Geez. It's just a dead person. If it were a zombie, or somebody trying to bite you, I could understand freaking out. But these are people who work as nursing home techs! How do they manage NOT to touch dead people?


sophistikatedsmiley said...

ah, i've had the same experience where i had to help with post mortem care and the nurses aides didn't wanna do it and kept making gagging noises doing it. i was like come on, are u serious? i wouldn't want a relative being treated like's still a person...those situations really make me wonder how some people manage to get by in healthcare for so long..

Life on Pause said...

Yay for making it!! You make me look forward even more to my plans to become an R.N. after school. I even can see the math issues and complete-disorganization-and-panic to care thing coming into play. I like your blog. You have one more follower!