Monday, December 1, 2008

The Granite of The Northlands in their Muscles and their Brains

I really am a northern girl at heart. It's December! Where's my snow? Last winter up in The Frozen Northlands, we started getting lovely snow round about mid-December, and it didn't leave until mid-April. BEAUTIFUL. I like it best when there is about 2.5 or more feet of snow, and the trees are COVERED. I was the little kid who read The Lion, the Witch and the Warderobe and got sad when they got rid of winter. Especially in the old Wonderworks movie version filmed in Norway. Winter looked DAMN good to me!
Other things that are nice about northern winters: No black flies, mosquitoes, or slugs; wood stoves smell nice; you can add as many blankets to the bed as you want; nordic skiing; all the lights in all the towns look all sparkly and pretty; the snow evens out the potholes so the roads are smoother than they are any other time; you can use the mudroom as a secondary refrigerator!
Yes, I totally have to live in the north.

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Life on Pause said...

AMEN!! I moved from EGF Minnesota to Seattle, WA, the Rainiest City on EARTH. We get maybe, maybe 3 inches a year. Last year the towns closed down for almost a week because we got a whole foot.

I miss snow.