Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One More Final Till Christmas!

I've got one more final (Pharmacology...shockingly, my favorite class) tomorrow at 1 pm! So today is Clean The Apartment (which looks like it was hit by a tiny VERY well aimed tactical nuke), pack all my stuffs, study for pharm, all that good stuff. That way I can shove all my sheets and towels and such into bags in the morning, put everything ELSE in the car (if I don't do it tonight), and go straight from the final to the ROAD!
I looked the car over, gassed it up, checked/equalized the tire pressures, I am all KINDS of set. I also located ALL THREE of my window-scrapers (you never know which one you will need, or if somebody will take one and not give it back).
Mildly inconvenient that I'll be going home at about 3 pm and not getting home till 10 or 11, but hey, it's better than driving through rain / ice / snow as I go farther north. There's BOUND to be that awful band of nasty ice around Massachusetts. And Mass drivers are batshit-crazy WITHOUT ice. (No offense Massachusetts drivers, you're nicer than CT drivers, just crazier).