Friday, December 5, 2008

My Weekend Plans

So I turned in the final paper of the semester! (That's the good news). The BAD news is that the apartment looks like a very clean tactical nuke went off in the vicinity of my closet. Which means that MY Saturday plans involve a THOROUGH cleaning and tidying and dusting, vaccuming, scrubbing, and cleaning of the whole place. Also laundry. Gotta do the laundry, or my uniforms (which are Godawful) might still have Nursing Home Cooties. Once I'm done with that, I'm thinking of a nice brisk 2 mile walk down to the J. Crew to pick up some gloves for my mother that she requested (no J. Crews that I know of in The Frozen North). Four miles is a nice workout. THEN I have to make an Eggnog coffee cake to take with me on Sunday, when ~glee~ I get to do my Obstetrics observation day at a place called Riddle Memorial. Hope i can find it at 0630. That's bloody early.

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