Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Spent last night helping at a clinic downtown for non-English speakers. Our responsibilities included doing all of the vital signs and "triage" to ready patients for their appointments, and we also got to go in with the nurse practitioners and see what THEY did. The hands-down coolest part of the evening was when we got to watch the doc on duty do an ultrasound on a patient's thyroid. The patient had a VERY large goiter, something I've never seen before, with necrosis and some liquefaction in the center. The doc walked us through everything he was doing, all the abnormalities. I'm not sure this was for OUR sake, or for the sake of the two COMPLETELY USELESS medical students. They didn't know ANY anatomy, and just stood there like idiots.
It was pretty great, altogether.


M.I.A. said...

Neat! I cannot wait to see stuff like that!!!

little d, S.N. said...

There really is nothing like it!