Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nephro: An Introduction

Today's pt. was NOT cardiac, though he'd had the obligatory CABG some years ago. He has had prostate and bladder cancer, and a resected bowel, and god knows what else. He was on our floor because...well...I'm not really sure. Medical floor overflow I suppose. CHARMING man, he was really fantastic, great storyteller.

The Interesting Part: He had a nephrostomy. It LOOKS like a colostomy- pink stoma, bag attached, but instead of draining feces, it drains urine, directly from the ureter, because his bladder was obstructed by tumor, and removed. Two days ago they added a shunt to ANOTHER bag, draining his kidney directly because of an infection. Kind of painful looking, actually, and draining bloody, cloudy stuff. He didn't wince when I did the dressing changes, LOVED having a student, and regaled me with stories of the old WW2 comics he used to read, about brave army medics and pretty nurses. He agrees that the cape SHOULD make a comeback.

Also got to hang out with the telemetry techs again, and learned the finer points of paced rhythms, so I no longer look at them and say "uh oh! wide complexes! DANGER!!"

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