Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wrap Up: 2008-2009 School Year

Well! It's actually that time already! I'm spending the entire day packing all my things that I might conceivably need for the next three months or so, returning books/DVDs to the library, emptying out the freezer (taking the food to the volunteer EMTS, who WILL eat just about anything) returning the school-sponsored laptop to tech support, hopefully hitting the gym one last time, putting everything in the civic.
Tomorrow morning throw the sheets into the laundry bag, make the bed, close all the windows, unplug EVERYTHING, get IN the civic, and head North. North, where the leaves are just beginning to THINK of coming out, where the grass may or may not be green yet. You know, like early May is SUPPOSED to be...if you live in the Frozen Northlands.

On the way home I'm making one more attempt to have lunch with one of my oldest and best friends on earth. He helped me through a nasty depression, through high school, and he himself survived 4 deployments to Parts Classified. For the last couple of years EVERY ONE of our plans has fallen through due to circumstances beyond our control. Still trying to break the trend, this time with a picnic.

Then, because the universe is funny like that, I get to meet up with the Former-Fiance, to hand off a textbook that he's buying from me. Its funny to think of him getting his EMT license, since he used to put his hands over his ears and hum to himself when I described trauma. Who knows, maybe (if fate is feeling especially nasty) I'll be working with him a lot in the future. I'll deal the way I always have- crack a few jokes, and pull faces when he's not looking. Its Terribly Mature.

Armed Forces Physical on friday for the public health service. Cross your fingers and hope they take me!!!! If they do, i'm strongly considering accepting a commission after graduation.


Joy said...

Whoa- you must explain this ex-fiancé!

Well it sounds bittersweet to be wrapping up the year!

M.I.A. said...

I wish you all the best! Keep posting over the summer! Enjoy your time off; you've earned it for good behavior! :)