Saturday, September 12, 2009

EKG Interpretation

I have chosen to do EKG interpretation for my class presentation on Monday, along with Know Your Arrhythmias and Dysrrhythmias. This is because, for some unknown reason, I LOVE EKGs. I find reading EKGs to be both highly entertaining, and fun, especially when I can find even the smallest, most benign abnormality. Maybe this is because I'm new-ish at it, because as an EMT I knew basically two things about EKGs- "this is probably ok", and "OH MY GOD DEFIBRILLATE!". I appreciate the more subtle problems a bit better now, and will happily perch on any available surface to peer over somebody more qualified's shoulder to see new and interesting things.

Things I can now reliably identify:
V-Fib (if you CANT identify V-Fib, you're going to be in trouble)

Things I can Sometimes Identify:
Multifocal vs. Unifocal PVCs
Complete Heart Block

Things I Barely Understand At This Point:
Junctional ANYTHING
Various Types Of Heart Block
apparently none of these will be on the test, but i'm still going to look them up.


Anonymous said...

Unifocal PVC's are always shaped EXACTLY the same and multifocals are no... It's that easy.

I wont try to explain mobitz 1 or 2... Im just too lazt to type that tonight.

1st degree block is P-R interval more than 0.12

Junstional is generally regular with either no P waves or inverted P waves.

Hope that helps a bit. It may seem oversimplified but its really njot too hard with a little practice. Honestly if you knov Vtach, Vfib, and complete block you have pretty much all you need to know if unless youre gonna do critical care. Good luck with school.

ED RN Texas

little d, S.N. said...

I'm going to *with any luck* go into critical care. I'm trying to get a jump on the MASSIVE pile of knowledge.

Praying for a Baby Girl said...

I'm starting EKG Classes tomorrow(10/19/2009) from 6pm-10pm.

I work as a Medical Assistant and currently enrolled in school for PCT(C.N.A. EKG Phlebotomy)My C.N.A. class started 10/6/2009. My question is how was your classes? Was it really simple? Please share youe experience

Thank you & Best Wishes