Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh God the Crazy!!!

For the past week or so, my life has been MADE of crazy. On Monday I had a woman who really REALLY should have been allowed to be a DNR. Unfortunately for her, her family did not have the time to visit grandma, so she was a full code. And I spent the ENTIRE day running to her room as her vent alarmed, jumped into the Iso gown and gloves, and checked the vent, which inevitably was only alarming because of LOL's silent coughing and agonal resps. Of course, the nurse didn't go in ALL MORNING, and only spoke to me insofar as she had new orders for me- i did all her discharge work. Yeah. All of it, except for WRITING DOWN the progress note, which she had me dictate, so it would be in her handwriting. Not fun.
Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!!! Except I had classes from 8-1, and then I went and got cake to bring down to the EMT building, because eating cake alone is sad, pathetic, and very VERY fattening...except there was an executive board meeting they forgot to tell me I sat outside from 2-530 and studied...and got quite chilled. Then had 20 minutes to bolt down some cake before running to my developmental psych class...then straight off to bed for clinicals this morning.
Today the CPU was actually CLOSED, due to low census, so we ALL went to the ICU, which was half CPU patients, half ICU...and that really should be it's own post...

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