Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I See JHACO People

Today JHACO descended upon Awful Hospital (aka Bobs Hospital)...and chaos did reign. The very first thing we were assigned to do (since we figured we had an hour or two before they got all the way up to our floor) was CLEAN UP THE UNIT. Now...I have no problems cleaning, but it was pretty damn clear that nobody gave a damn about making our lives any easier- leaving things for us to collect instead of picking up behind themselves. Once the unit looked pretty good, I was promptly yelled at by Overstressed Clinical Instructor for asking what the combination was to a cabinet, as I had found a PILE of unused saline flushes, and wanted to put them away properly. "DONT SAY 'they just locked the cabinet'! THEY'LL KNOW WE DONT LOCK THEM!!!!"

Look. I'm a student. I DONT know where everything is yet. I DONT have a password to the COMPUTER, much less the combinations to all the cabinets. So...I ask questions! Yelling at me that I'm not supposed to ask questions because the sheer fact that there IS a question reveals incompetence on the part of the unit is SO not my problem.

After the inevitable conflagration over ALL of us having "inadequate" charting (I wasn't DONE yet, I was IN THE ROOM, doing NURSING CARE on my PATIENT), she then continued to panic...and panic. It's not her unit. She doesn't even work there anymore, and hasn't in years, and yet she's going around putting up the JHACO mandated signage in the rooms instead of helping US. My school is paying her to teach US, not to help Bob's Hospital look good.

On the bright side, my pillow-fluffer patient was looking much better today, and actually managed to be cheerful, in spite of pissing me off by pressing THE CALL BELL for "a drink of water" despite said water being approximately 8 inches from his bed, in a cup, with a straw, and plenty of ice. He didn't want to take his arms out from under the covers to reach it...BUT HE HAD TO DO THAT TO REACH THE BELL!!!!

Headbanging on walls commenced. NLN CONFERENCE TOMORROW! HUZZAH!

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Anonymous said...

JHACO visits are a crazy time, so is nursing school. Hang in there, take it one day at a time. Nursing is worth it, even with those kinds of patients.