Sunday, November 1, 2009

Its the Pandemic, Stupid!

Today I learned that a colleague on the campus EMT squad pulled an 18 hour shift last night with what is almost certainly an active case of H1N1. Without a mask. She was running a 103 degree fever this morning, according to her. She said "i didn't want to get people mad by calling out of my shift". Oh I'm mad as HELL now! She exposed another medic (one of our FIVE current drivers, due to how long our training program for driving is) AND her probie AND her observer/student to H1N1. If they catch it they'll ALL be unable to pull duty.

I am SO pissed at this! I'm stuck here with bronchitis, unable to think clearly for longer than 10 minutes at a time, and she's out there making people sick, and I can't STOP her without exposing MORE people to this bug! GAAAH!

Please people- if you're sick, dont hurt other people. Find an excuse to wear a mask if nothing else. Really. Just...wear a mask. This winter is going to be hellish enough for a HEALTHY squad- and we're dropping like flies here.

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Maha said...

That. SUCKS!!
Hope you feel better soon :)