Thursday, November 5, 2009

Over My Dead Body

Today we are learning, in Trends and Professional Nursing class, about how IMPORTANT it is that we practice "Consumer Centered Care", where the "client determines quality". Man, SCREW THAT. Ive had plenty of patients whose idea of "quality" would be higher thread-count sheets, perrier water, and me, running to cater to their every whim no matter how sick my fellow patients were. This should determine my practice? MY practice is based on providing safe and effective care to my patients, with their physical wellbeing placed FAR above any stupid ideas of customer satisfaction. You may hate me for not giving you water, but I dont care- if you're fluid restricted, you are not getting extra water. You may WANT it, you may DESIRE it, but you could go into a CHF crisis. The consumer is not always right, and pretending that the patient should run our units is dangerous and unsafe.

Just my student opinion, but it feels WRONG.

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