Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Special Olympics

This past weekend was...intense. So intense that posting has taken me a few days. I pulled Friday night 18 hour shift, and before that did Golfcart Standby crew for the beginning of the Olympics, as well as pulling for the Opening Ceremony. And as a result I am in love...or at least the victim of a massive crush on my overnight partner. It's been a LOOONG time since I dated anybody, but for this guy I'd make a serious exception. ~deep girly sigh~

So we had two Olympics-related calls in the evening, which resulted in me nearly getting into a fight- with the "Medical Coordinator", a nursing student a year behind me. The patient was post-ictal, known seizure disorder, but, you know, they CALLED THE EMTs, so I had to EXAMINE AND SPEAK TO THE PATIENT. This girl refused to let me speak to the patient, OR give me her written medical history. Why? Well she didn't want me to "upset" the patient by asking her questions, and as to the medical history? SHE WAS USING IT TO FILL OUT PAPERWORK.

After those two it was just drunks. And I'm only JUST recovering my energy.

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