Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things That Make Life Harder

I am not a large person. I am, in fact, rather short and curvy. This makes things like 1. lifting a stretcher with a 250 pound person up to its full height 2. reaching the turnout gear in the TOP compartment of the back panel of the ambulance 3. climbing into the driver's seat without hopping like I'm on a vaulting horse VERY challenging, and sometimes near-impossible.

What do you do? You put up with being laughed at by your fellow EMTs every time something like this is required, try to get somebody else to pick up the stretcher for you, and pretend NOBODY saw you almost catapult off the ambulance seat.

Tomorrow is psych clinical again, and lets hope I set my alarm properly. Last week I managed to set it to PM instead of AM- this clock doesn't do a 24 hour clock, which i use on EVERYTHING else, so I didn't notice- and wake up at 645, when I'm already supposed to BE at clinical. The only reason I am still breathing and did NOT get a nasty note in my file is that, by some grace of some deity, my instructor lost track of time, and was LATER THAN I WAS! Coincidences like this do not happen more than once to a student, so I'd better not screw up again!

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maxwelton's braes are bonny said...

I hear you--I'm 4'10" tall-technically considered a little person. I know all too well. Great blog, btw. I'm a nurse too. It can be done:)