Monday, April 9, 2012

Clinic Admits

330 PM, and I've just discharged a patient. JUST discharged, as in I'm still stripping the room, and housekeeping hasn't made it up to clean yet. Phone rings.

Me: "Surgical Floor X, this is Alpine, can I help you?"
Ennui, RN: "Hi, this is Ennui, over in Vasc surgery clinic. I'm sending a patient. Can you take report?"
Me: "The room isn't clean yet. I just want to make that VERY CLEAR...but yes, I suppose I can take report."
Ennui, RN: "pt is a large-ish gentleman with an extensive vascular history. he has an infection. Needs IV antibiotics. Can I send him?"
Me: "wait a minute! what's the history?"
Ennui: "its in the chart"
Me: "indulge me?"
Ennui: "it's not in front of me. look it up when he gets there."
Me: "allergies?"
Ennui: "they're in the chart!"
Me (getting REALLY fed up): "Fine. Okay. Mental status? peripheral pulses? WHERE is the wound? Bowel sounds?"
Ennui: "didn't look at the leg...didn't listen to the lungs...didn't get bowel can check the pulses, right?"
Me: "um...okaaaay"

What i was THINKING: "youre a NURSE??? What do you guys DO over there if you dont look at the wound, or do ANY assessment? You dont know this guys allergies? or history??? WHY ARE YOU CALLING TO GIVE ME REPORT IF YOU CANNOT TELL ME ABOUT THE PATIENT???"

I hear don't have to work nights, weekends, OR holidays...must be nice...

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