Thursday, April 5, 2012


We have a bed problem at work. The problem is that we don't have enough beds. Specifically critical care, and medicine beds. this results in having medicine patients on surgical floors. And that means sub-standard care for EVERYONE. Why? because all we do, day in and day out, most of the time, is SURGICAL care. We just dont SEE all that much of the pure medicine stuff. Or Neuro stuff, for that matter. I mean, we see it as a co-morbidity with your liver cancer, or your lung cancer, or your vascular disease...but most of the time we expect that you got cut open, and that that's why youre here.

The pure medicine patients also tend to be more likely to have EXTREME morbid obesity. Two of the patients i worked with last week were over 500lbs. Just lifting a LEG on someone that big puts you at risk for serious injury. Yes, we have "assistive devices" but...they're seldom where you want them to be, when you need them. That being said? CEILING LIFTS ARE THE BEST THING EVER!!!

Push a button, and your patient rises gently into the air...its beautiful...*tear*

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