Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving- I am thankful for not screwing up

Well, I'm back in the Mid Atlantic, after going home to the Great North Woods for Thanksgiving with the family. Technically there IS internet there, it just isn't fast, or reliable. Hence, no post for a bit.
I have clinical Monday and Wednesday, and then I'm done for the semester. I can't wait to start learning more skills, like EKG interpretation, actual med administration, pathophysiology and such. I know we work our way up, but I'm really looking forward to being put into a real HOSPITAL, and hopefully a situation where things move faster...on the other hand, if they'd moved much faster this semester, even at the Nursing Home, I'd have died, cried, or panicked. And that was just doing AM care and a basic physical assessment. I get nervous around stable patients.

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