Sunday, October 4, 2009

Help Is On The Way

I've always loved to watch firetrucks and ambulances go past, probably because when I was a baby, and would startle at the noise, my mother would bounce me up and down and say "Help Is On the Way!!!"

I think maybe EMS would be better off all around if everyone thought of it that way- not "oh no! something has gone terribly wrong" but "Help is on the way!"

Two more clinical days at Bob's Hospital- and if we're REALLY lucky (ha ha) the nurses will be going on strike either tomorrow or Tuesday...which will mean we CANT go to clinical, and Will Have To Be Flexible. Because if there's ONE BLOODY THING we learn in nursing school...Nurses Are Flexible!

I am disappointed that I cannot put my feet behind my ears. Apparently flexibility has limits.

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Anonymous said...

If you could put your feet behind your ears I migh ask you to marry me... LOL