Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I Did On Fall Break

Up in the Frozen Northlands we had a bit of an early cold snap, which allowed for some early snow-frolicking...which I LOVED, as I am, in demeanor as well as in appearance, pretty much a cross between one of santa's elves (height, and love of winter holidays) and the White Witch of Narnia (demeanor before 8 am, when awoken at night, ok...i can be a bit irritable). I LOVE snow. I love it to an almost unreasonable extent. For one thing, it makes driving WAAAAY easier. This may seem odd, but clearly you are not from the Frozen Northlands. Snow makes reflections on BOTH sides of the road. You simply drive down the dark bit in the middle! This is a serious improvement, as we have no streetlights.

I GOT TO DRIVE THE AMBULANCES!!! both of them! M, my training lieutenant, took me out and let me drive around at high speeds, yelling "STOP!" at random, to get me used to being startled. It was awesome.

We had two calls: 1. MVA of a motorcycle on a notoriously dangerous stretch of a state road that has already claimed 5 critical injuries THIS YEAR. Naturally, we went REALLY fast to get there, only to find a perfectly lucid man, lying on his back NOT MOVING. He was NOT MOVING because his brother, a rather large gentleman, had threatened him with death should he move before the arrival of the EMTs. I LOVE people like this. They make my job easy. We cleared is C-spine, and took him in for evaluation, because he had a crash at 30-40mph off a motorcycle, but he was FINE. Wear a helmet, kids, it really DOES help.

2. Chest pain and epistaxis in a 20 y/o male: AKA cold dry air leads to nosebleed, young man panics because his mother is CRAYZEE, and thinks he's having a heart attack. We explain that "family history" of heart problems (AT 80!!!) is NOT the same as a "previous history" of heart problems, and that he is fine. Really. FINE, and to please go to bed.

other than that, i did TONS of chores, and got to see my beloved Bella, my evil Devon Rex cat. Pretty good. Then an 8 hour drive back down here, because of the GW bridge being designed by Satan himself.

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