Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Done With Pediatrics

Today was the last shift of pediatric rotation. I learned a lot about human development, I played with some cute kids, and World's Greatest Children's Hospital was MARVELOUS as a placement- the equipment all worked, the kitchen was stocked, the staff was top-notch- but I'm glad to be done with it. Floor nursing just isn't for me.

Today I had a mixed bag- one GREAT patient, one Exorcist patient. The great patient was a 10 year old girl, one day post-op for a splenectomy, who let me get her out of bed (in spite of some serious pain) to help her to the bathroom, let me take her to the play room (she needed to sit up straight for a while to prevent Acute Chest Syndrome), and basically coped pretty well with her treatment, said please and thank you, the whole bit.

Her roommate, a 10 year old girl, needed FIVE NURSES to restrain her to take ONE ORAL DOSE of a not-bad-tasting medication. she simply did not wish to take it. she took it yesterday, without a problem, said it didn't taste bad, but today she was clearly possessed by DEMONS. she spat at the nurses, tried to bite, and basically was AWFUL. her mother just stood by the bed saying "she likes to play". Clearly this is where she gets her fabulous attitude. I asked the mother to either help us get the meds in, or leave the room. She refused to do EITHER, and just stood there laughing as I got spat on and kicked, and the doctor got punched in the chest. He had shown up when the kid started screaming, to lend a hand.

Next is OB. Hopefully less kicking.

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msx said...

I volunteer at a children's hospital... some kid's just get along with the nurses. while other's make them their enemies.