Thursday, February 11, 2010

My So-Called Snowpocalypse

I spent an unintended 24 hours on call yesterday afternoon into today at the ambulance. I left my car at the squad building Tuesday night, intending to pick it up Wednesday and return it to my apartment building after we were plowed out, walked the mile from my apartment to campus yesterday afternoon aaaaaand...promptly got told NOT to walk back, as it was quite windy and snowy out.

Since I only had half a change of clothes (so that I'd be dry after I got there), I had to run upstairs to the student health center and borrow a set of scrubs from the nurses (they keep a supply for sick students to wear) to wear as pjs. Then we realized that the ambulance was grounded (only allowed to move in an emergency) which meant WE were stuck in the building too...except for me, as I wasn't officially ON I wound up tramping across campus to a dining hall, and scrounging food for the whole crew. They were WONDERFUL, and gave me about 5 POUNDS of chili-mac and apples, crusty bread, and dessert. FABULOUS.

We only had one patient, in spite of the massive amount of partying expected on campus, due to classes being canceled for today as well. We attribute the LACK of mayhem to the fact that everyone drank heavily TUESDAY night, in anticipation of having classes canceled WEDNESDAY....except that YESTERDAY, the liquor stores were closed. This meant no-one could restock on alcohol, so, being an intemperent bunch, most of the students were OUT OF ALCOHOL! OH NO!

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