Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Yes, I know I've already posted today, but this was getting to me.
This evening, Very Catholic University (VCU) was playing a home game against Some Other University (SOU). This meant that the parking lot next to the Student Health building was PRIME parking real estate. Now at Collegiate EMS, we dont actually HAVE our own garage, we have a lovely set up with a massive parking space on the lower level of this covered garage, which we have marked off by cones as well as flourescent parking lines saying "NO PARKING- AMBULANCE" all over them.

Needless to say, as we are near the Home Stadium, the Health Services lot becomes "The VIP lot" during games, and VIPs tend to be...well...asshats. I spent AN HOUR AND A HALF this evening kicking people out of the CLEARLY LABELED ambulance spot. Once, I even had to go yell at a guy who made his 10 year old kid get out and start MOVING OUR CONES so he could park in the spot. I bounced out the door, ran over, and knocked on his window: "Sir! You can't move the cones! They're there to help you notice the 'NO PARKING- AMBULANCE' sign!"

"But..." says he, irritably, "all the other spots HERE are TAKEN!"

"The ambulance needs to plug in to this plug here, sir, or the epinephrine we keep on board freezes, and the next kid with a nut allergy dies in agony" I replied. Entitlement to VIP parking is one thing. Believing that you have a god-given right to park in an emergency vehicles zone? That's a whole NEW level of evil. Next time I'm not going to warn him, I'm going to tow his car WITH THE AMBULANCE...into the dumpster.

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