Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back to OB

Good news! I just found out that I get to go back to do a second OB floor observation! This time I'm going in for a Friday dayshift, so that hopefully I can see an induction and/or C-section...or just a plain old BIRTH! I'm a little unusual for my classmates...I'm a natural birthing advocate ALREADY, thanks to my Mama. She was adamant about her own natural childbirths (me and Younger Brother), and it really rubbed off on me. I even went up until surgery with my appendicitis because i knew that childbirth HAD to be worse, and if Mama could do it, so could I (turned out to be a great choice, as I was lucid enough to refuse full anesthesia, and got a spinal instead, which worked MARVELOUSLLY well).

Still...a C-section would be really good to see, since I'm sure we'll see them on our OB rotation, and I'd like to see one before i have to be knowledgable and competent as an assistant.


Life on Pause said...

I'm probably facing a C-section if I ever give birth....I think it would be cool to see one before I had to have it done...Best get my butt into an RN program eh?

little d, S.N. said...

couldn't hurt!!

If you're not sure, see if you can do a few observations in different units. If you absolutely HAAATE it, then you'll know early!

Joy said...

I'd love to be an OB nurse someday, when my kids are grown (right now my focus is raising them and might go to school in the meantime- haven't decided yet!).

Good luck!