Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Today's exercise in clinical was in Giving Report. I had a bit of an ace up my sleeve here, in that I, unlike my clinical classmates, have actually DONE this before as an EMT. Not in the same depth, but I'm used to saying things like "Mrs. Diabetique is an 82 y/o caucasian female, who presented at home with an altered LOC, whereupon EMS was called. She was placed on 4lpm O2 by nasal cannula, and restrained after trying to kill us all. Her blood glucose was 23, so we gave her an amp of D-50, which quickly restored her to complete sanity. She's A+O x 3, resting comfortably, and has a past medical history of every diagnosis in the book. Here ya go, please sign right here."

I enjoyed getting my patient, doing his workup and then reporting. Didn't hurt that he was conscious, and going home later today.

On the other hand, his family are all christian scientists, which made getting a "family history" next to impossible. "I dont KNOW what they have!" he said. "They dont go to doctors!'


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M.I.A. said...

Ha!! Man I dread getting a scientologist...

We're having an interesting time with reporting to our nurses too... they seriously look at us like we are 3 and just starting to put sentences together!

Yay for you with the upper hand!