Sunday, April 26, 2009

In Which I am almost Half Done

I can hardly believe I've been a nursing student for almost a full year. Looking back I feel so DIFFERENT. Even though I had four years of EMT experience before heading to nursing school, it still feels like I started out as a civilian, and have started to think as a Nurse sometime during this semester. I look at people on the street, and I've started to see CHF, fluid overload, cor pulmonale, various genetic defects. I look at the man next to me on the train, and my first thought isn't "oh I wonder where he works" but "oh I wonder if he knows he needs a little Lasix!"

It's so much nursing condensed into such a short period of time that I wonder how I've suddenly become an impending medical professional. Next week I'll be HALF DONE. Hopefully I'll be sub-letting the apartment for the summer, and either serving as an Ensign in the Public Health Corps, or teching at some hospital Up North.

Tomorrow: THE CATH LAB!

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Joy said...

Ha ha ha- LOVE it! If I was a nurse I'd think the same weigh. Constantly diagnosing people in my mind or wondering what was wrong with them.