Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Arrived back in The Mid Atlantic yesterday evening after a HELLISH 8.5 hour drive. It SHOULD take more like 6.75, or 7 hrs. WITH stops. I hate the Jersey Turnpike...well...ALL of I-95 was clearly designed and built by Lucifer himself.
Aaaand I'm not feeling well. Vague GI complaints, and THIS time I KNOW it's not giardia. Nowhere I could have been exposed, so it must just be one of those things. Lots of Pepto Bismol and hot tea should fix it. AND not dressing for class- sweats head to toe today. It feels almost naughty, and i KNOW it's "not attractive", but it's raining, and I feel gross, so sweats it is.

Tomorrow we're doing a "special project" in clinical. Stay tuned...

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