Thursday, April 23, 2009

In Which The Universe Evens Out

The last two days almost made up for Monday's wretchedness. On Tuesday I recieved news that I, so far, am at the top of my class, and my research professor wants me to go to grad school ASAP. I was flattered, but will be much calmer once I pass all my finals. And get a summer job. Still no word on that.
Wednesday was even BETTER: I went to Interventional Radiology, where they let me put in my very first IV on a real person. And it went PERFECTLY- no bruising, slid right in, LOVELY. It was fun. I think i'd like to do it again. One of the patients was a lovely spry 80 year old, in for placement of a chemo port, for her SECOND type of cancer. She was able to hop right up onto the stretcher in a way that I seldom see my 55 year old patients manage. She pulled me over, and whispered "I'm only doing this for my son. He's too scared of cancer to let me die like a normal old lady". I was saddened for her, but the twinkle in her eyes gave me hope- I feel fairly confident that she's got a fighting chance to see 90. I just hope it isn't too painful for her.

Once I got home, I found out that my pathophysiology professor had nominated me for an award as the one student of the semester who displayed "aptitude and love for the subject". I regressed to a mental age of 6, and did a little happy-dance around my apartment. At least the universe is evened out a bit...

Tomorrow is the Relative Invasion- my mother and two aunts are coming to stay with me. In a studio apartment. I have no idea how we will fit.

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