Monday, November 17, 2008

36 hours

It's about 36 hours until my very first clinical day. To say that I'm nervous would be an understatement. I'm TERRIFIED of stable patients. I mean, give me a person whose oxygen sats are falling, who is gasping for air, and has some sort of critical problem, and I'll work my way through the ABCs, and work to get them back to stable. Once they're THERE, I run into problems. For one thing, I get bored. I mean, they're HEALING. They're doing FINE! There's nothing to fix! I'm certain I'll find some way to screw it all up, and leave them worse off than I found them.
I AM however looking forward to removing surgical staples. That sounds like fun, as does doing actual catheterizations. The facility we're being sent to "Doesn't Do Venous Access Onsite", so no IV training for me. ~sigh~ not fair. Why couldn't they have sent us to an ER?

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