Saturday, November 1, 2008


I love my pharmacology class. It's amazing, really. It has, however, lead to a certain amount of understandable paranoia among my class- we're all convinced that somehow, probably on our very first day of med administration, we will all kill somebody. This is understandable, once you realise that our only actual practice in administering parenteral medications was ONE SHOT for practice in both IM and SubQ injections. ONCE. I was really picturing a bit more practice than that before being set free on an unsuspecting sick population. I mean, I can barely flick the inevitable air bubbles from my syringe, much less competently hold the thing "like a dart" and wince when it goes in!
Aside from the fear that we might kill somebody through sheer incompetence in med delivery, there are so many drug interactions that we're being taught that it seems a miracle that ANYBODY makes it out alive! I feel I've started to reach that critical nursing student point where I know JUST enough to be REALLY dangerous.

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