Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blood from a Stone

So I checked into the student health center for a few hours yesterday, because of a fever/sorethroat/painful cough. The WONDERFUL nurses, after tucking me into an in-patient bed with three blankets, in semi-Fowlers, call light within reach (as per protocol- no, I DID NOT use it) decided they needed a CBC and Mono blood test. Well fine! I always like watching nurses work, it gives me valuable tips for the eventual time when that will be ME. So on went the tourniquet, in went the needle and...nothing. Try again? Sure! Nothing. So she called in a colleague, who tried a back-of-the-hand. Nothing, apparently the veins are not only tiny, they roll. So a THIRD colleague, an NP tried the vein in my thumb, hit a nerve and STILL didn't get any blood. At this point, noting that I had been drinking NON STOP in an effort to give them something to work with, and all the previous sites hadn't actually bled at all, these poor souls decided that my body didn't want blood work done. Apparently I'm either the walking dead, or just the WORST set of veins in somebody my age ever seen. The irony is my skin is pale enough to look like a ROADMAP with the veins perfectly visible underneath.


Jay said...

Your grandmother had the same problem. Nice genes! So what's nest for diagnosis? And how're you feeling?

WardBunny said...

Ah, you never go for the one you see but the one you feel!
That's impressive but maybe it's just because you are ill that it's making it hard.
Get well soon anyway!

AtYourCervix said...

ahhh! Never go for the small, distal veins on a dehydrated person. Go for the antecubital in the arm. Much bigger vein to work with.

little d, S.N. said...

they DID go for the antecubital. TWICE. It rolled, or jumped, or something. It felt...odd.

I can't wait to do them myself, so I'll know just what was going on in my arm!