Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm Alive!

The Deathbug has migrated into the sinuses, where it is under tolerable control with Real Sudafed and cough syrup. Today in pharmacology we covered Antipsychotics. Three of us in the front row gave a "Shout Out To Haldol" and amused the professor. WONDERFUL drug, especially in the ED. One of our major focuses today was on "how benzos can mimic barbituates in CNS depression if you accidentally/on purpose mix them with antihistamines and alcohol. How this could happen accidentally eluded me, until I realized that if you were panicky AND had a cold, and happened to take Nyquil, you'd have all your ducks in a row right there. Oop.

We practiced catheters in the lab yesterday. I don't think the dummies were a very good approximation of human labia though. They were STIFF! I could barely get them to stay open, even wedging a knuckle between them (which would NOT be tolerated by a human, I have no doubt). Then the catheter balloon-syringe popped out of place and sprayed everyone with water. I'm praying it won't happen in clinical, making me look like a COMPLETE incompetent. At least with emergencies you just work your way down A-B-C. Stable people scare me.

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WardBunny said...

Ah catheters are a piece of piss with a little practice. (pardon the pun) Yea, dummies don't really measure up in the end.